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Not sure about classes yet? Want to try it out first? We welcome students of all ages to try out as many classes as they would like to find the best fit.


Drop-in classes also allow friends and family members to join in on the fun; whether they are in town for a quick visit or their soccer game is canceled, they are welcome to jump into a class.


We are dedicated to finding the best fit for every student, so let us know how we can help. We have a myriad of instructors (with different personalities and teaching styles) and classes, so take your time finding the perfect match!

Cost: $40 for 45 min; $45 for 60 min


  1. Log in or Create an Account in the Customer Portal

  2. Add student information

  3. Under Program, select the age of your child (i.e., Ages 5 - 7) and click Submit

  4. Click on "Enroll Now" next to the class of your choice

  5. Under Enrollment Type, change from "Active" to "Trial"

  6. Select the correct student

  7. On next page, select payment as "credit card" and enter credit card details.

  8. After submitting trial request you will receive an email confirming request and a second email confirming payment and enrollment

  9. If you do not receive second email by the day of the trial, please email us to confirm the trial or drop-in

Trial classes and drop-ins are available in classes with available spaces. Please remember that we have strict ratios. By registering for a trial, you are taking a spot in a class that someone else could use, so please cancel prior to 48 hours to provide ample time for another student to use the space. Outside of 48 hours, we will provide a credit or free rescheduling. Within 48 hours, no refunds will be granted. 


Similar to ongoing classes, trials and drop-ins can be set up online via the Customer Portal. Requests for trials and drop-ins must be approved as we do not run classes in which no other students are enrolled or when we know students will not be attending that day. Please be sure you receive an email confirmation before you show up.



45-minute class = $40 

60-minute class = $45 


If you need to cancel the trial or drop-in or have any questions, please email at least 48 hours prior to the class. Phone calls will not be accepted. Trials and drop-ins take up spots in classes and the likelihood of filling that spot diminishes with time. TAC does NOT provide refunds for trials or makeups cancelled within 48 hours of class. In emergency situations and on a case-by-case basis, we may reschedule your trial or provide a credit. 

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