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The Agility Center is a truly unique facility dedicated to all-around functional fitness. By harmoniously combining the skill sets used in ninja warrior and parkour training with the calculated technique of gymnastics, participants will learn to navigate any obstacle in their path with strength, agility, precision and fluidity. Our two conjoined gyms (10,000sq. ft. total) offer a variety of engaging and challenging experiences.

The upper gym has four in-ground trampolines to build jumping skills and core strength as well as practice tumbling and air awareness drills. Two of these trampolines empty into a foam pit. We also have a peg wall, rod floor, stall bars, and suspended obstacle courses. The lower gym features two warped walls, a tumbling floor, climbing apparatus including a junior-level rock climbing wall, and multiple stability parkour courses to challenge students of all ages and levels. These courses are changed monthly to push our athletes to their limits. 

Agilty Center
Agility Center Course
Agility Center Facility
Agility Center Course
Agility Center Equipment


Our state-of-the-art Ninja Warrior suspended obstacle course is a modular system that features challenges such as:

  • standard monkey bars with optional floating bars

  • overhead rings and trapeze bars

  • jumping spider

  • u-ropes and climbing ropes

  • cargo tube nets and cargo nets

  • unstable discs

  • hanging balance beams of varying heights

  • traverse box with cliff hangers and monkey bars

  • double salmon ladder

  • hanging cheese walls

  • sea of poles

  • unstable bridges

  • revolver, rotating spindle and crazy wheels

  • end-to-end landing mats and truss pads

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