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School's Out Camp

School's OUT and Ninja Warrior Camp is IN!

School's out? Need a safe, fun place for your kids to get their energy out? Never fear, send them to our "school's out" day camps! Kids will enjoy a variety of activities including hours of obstacle course, trampoline and tumbling instruction, practice/play time, arts and crafts, and games. 


We have strict student:instructor ratios of 8:1 for 4 - 5 year olds and 10:1 for campers ages 6 & up.

We offer different options: full day, or half day morning or afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: We require at least 48 hours notice in advance of your signup, any requests for days less than 48 hours in advanced will be declined.





Half Day AM (9:00 - 12:00pm) - $85

Half Day PM (1:00 - 4:00pm) - $85

Full Day (9:00am - 4:00pm) - $130


Gym Activities

Except for breaks and lunch, campers  will alternate between the upper gym, featuring trampolines, a foam pit, a rod floor and a ninja warrior obstacle course, and the lower gym where the parkour courses and warped walls are housed. 

Campers will engage in workshops for specific skills, physically challenging obstacle courses, exciting group games, and other age-appropriate activities that keep them moving throughout the day.

Agility Crafts

Lunch & Snack Breaks

Campers take snack breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon to provide needed rest and nourishment.


Full-day campers enjoy a lunch break at 12 pm followed by the camper's choice of board games or arts and crafts until 1 pm.


Snacks and lunches must be brought from home with NO NUTS. Please read more detail about our policy below. 

Agility Boys Climbing

New Friends

We know how important it is for kids to make friends. Our enthusiastic, energetic counselors encourages appropriate and empathic engagement between campers and strive to create an environment that supports campers of all ages and abilities.


Our camp program incorporates team-building games that provide a fun, cooperative experience to help campers building critical socialization skills.

Carpet Floor

The Agility Center requires all campers be at least 4 years old and reliably potty-trained.

Registration for all our camps are first-come, first-served and must be completed online. We recommend submitting your forms early to reserve your camper's space in camp. As long as space is available and for an additional cost, we will accept camp registrations on the day you wish your child to attend; however, please call ahead for availability. 

Campers should bring lunches and snacks from home.

Please remember that all food brought from home MUST NOT INCLUDE NUTS OR TRACES OF NUTS, nor be manufactured on a shared line with tree nuts. If you pack a lunch with peanut butter alternatives such as sunflower seed butter, please label it accordingly so that it is not confused with a nut product.

In the event that your child's lunch includes prohibited items, the prohibited items will be confiscated and sent home with your child. 

Please note that foods such as Nutella, cashew butter, and almond butter include tree nuts and therefore are prohibited items.

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