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Girl Jumping over Bars

Agility (5 - 17)

Difficulty: Beginner - Advanced

Equipment: Obstacle courses, rod floor and trampolines/pit, warped wall, rock climbing wall

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Ratio: 8 to 1

Borrowing from three disciplines--tumbling, ninja warrior and parkour--Agility helps students build all-around functional movement skills, strength, balance and dexterity. While tumbling/trampoline skills require technical, scripted movement, ninja warrior and parkour employ more problem solving. Combining these elements creates a unique discipline that helps children of all ages and abilities feel more comfortable in their bodies and more confident in their movement. 

AGILITY (5 - 7) students build maneuverability, strength and coordination on targeted segments of the suspended and stability obstacle courses, as well as the 8' warped wall. Students will learn skills progressions on tumbling and rod floors as well as trampolines to pave the way for learning flips.


AGILITY (7 - 10) students receive training on all our obstacle courses, both suspended and stability, the 12' warped wall, tumbling and rod floor, as well as more advanced training to further develop strength, dexterity, confidence and control. Trampolines and the foam pit are used to teach flip progressions and further air awareness. 

AGILITY (10+) athletes use the most challenging equipment in the gym; however, students of all levels, even the most untrained beginner, will find encouragement, help and enjoyment every step of the way as they work toward their fitness goals. Our unique training program builds flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and the self-confidence to reach higher and go farther. The nature of our program challenges students and teaches them uses progressions for maximize safety. 

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