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The Agility Center (TAC) was created in 2013 to help children of any age and ability develop more well-rounded athleticism. A spin-off of Dynamite Gymnastics Center, the concept for TAC was born after watching how, when given free reign of the gym, Dynamite students congregated to obstacle courses, trampolines and bouncy floors. We then analyzed the skills children naturally wanted to do, applied proper technique and built courses that worked on developing these skills.


Our truly unique facility is divided into an upstairs area with a ninja warrior setup as well as four in-ground trampolines and a foam pit, as well as a downstairs area with obstacle courses, a preschool climbing wall and two warped walls. By harmoniously combining skill sequencing developed in ninja warrior training and parkour with the scripted technique of gymnastics, participants will learn to climb, swing, jump and flip with confidence, strength, precision and fluidity.  

Our Mission is to create a safe, supportive atmosphere where every student can be successful.


The teacher and admin staff at TAC are dedicated to creating a welcoming family environment for our guests. Our teachers are trained in skills training as well as hand-spotting, but more importantly, they love teaching. Our student-centric, positive encouragement model can be seen throughout the gym in the form of high-fives and hugs. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating successes, no matter how small. 

Agility Team
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