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Oh, birthday parties. Kids can’t wait for them. Parents want them to be a hit.

Have an Agility Center birthday party and share every minute of your kid’s special day! Our birthday parties are famous for ensuring the children have a blast and the parents get to relax and actually enjoy the fun. Really, it’s a piece of cake. 

Choose to host your party at The Agility Center and watch your birthday star and friends jump, run, climb, swing, and play to their heart’s delight in the safest environment possible. Our experienced party supervisors take care of every detail to ensure your party is a success. We do the heavy lifting: leading games, organizing the gifts and cleaning up.

Parties are held every Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 - 3:00 pm, 2:30 -4:00pm, 3:30 - 5:00pm and 4:30 - 6:00pm.



Boom! $345 -- up to 10 kids including the birthday child (2 supervisory instructors)

Blast! $425 — up to 16 kids including the birthday child (3 supervisory instructors)

Big Bang! $535 — up to 24 kids including the birthday child (3 supervisory instructors)

EXTRA GUESTS: $25/each

We're happy to accommodate extra guests for an additional fee.




No matter which package you choose, you can count on the following:


  • Exclusive use of the entire gym (you can choose to do 75 minutes of play time and no food or you can do 1 hour of play time and up to 30 minutes for food in our party room). Please note that we do not offer to do 75 min in the gym and then 15 minutes in the party room.

  • Supervised access to gym equipment

  • Experienced, enthusiastic staff who ensure all partygoers have a great time


Boy Hanging on Beam


We want everyone to stay safe, so please remember the following rules:

  • Parties are for children turning 4 and up

  • Clean, bare feet in the gym (wet wipes are provided in the gym lobby for wiping feet before entering the gym)

  • Sanitize hands

  • No food, drinks, gum or shoes permitted in the gym

  • Food is only allowed in the party room (You can bring a cake and any food you would like)

  • Tie hair away from participants' eyes

  • Clothes should be free of buckles, belts and zippers which can cut equipment (large blocks cost $900, so please be careful)

  • One at a time on every trampoline

  • Follow the party supervisors' instructions and rules



Guests are asked to arrive no more than 5 - 10 minutes before the start of the party. Prior to entering the gym, parents must complete our waiver.


Children should wear athletic gear with no buckles, belts, zippers or buttons (which can tear or scratch the equipment). Long hair should be tied back. Remove watches, jewelry and dangling earrings. Children should enter the gym barefoot and wipe the bottoms of their feet with baby wipes (found throughout the lobby). 



We prefer to limit adults in the gym; however, we understand that the birthday child's parents will be present.

To respect the other parties and staff members, please vacate the facility at the end of party (our staff needs to prepare for the next party). If you have any questions, please see the front desk staff. 


  • Reserving a birthday party requires a $200 non-refundable deposit. Please only pay the deposit upon booking. The remaining balance, along with any extra kids you have and any tip you would like to include, will be added on and settled at the end of your party.

  • You may not change your party package on the day of your party (example; if you scheduled 16 kid party but only 10 kids show up, we cannot change your package to 10 kids as we have already staffed your party for 16 kids.

  • Any change to your party day or time within 30 days of the party date is equivalent to a cancellation. Parties cancelled within 30 days of the party date will forfeit the deposit. If you choose to reschedule, you must pay an additional deposit.

  • Any change to your party day or time outside of 30 days will result in a $35 administrative fee.

  • Every child in the gym, excepting non-walking infants in carriers and strollers, will be counted as a party guest and subject to the appropriate charge. We must maintain a manageable ratio of staff to children in the gym to ensure everyone's safety.

  • Party supervisors are responsible for explaining the gym safety rules; however, parents are expected to help supervise party guests, especially younger children.

  • While parents are welcome in the gym to observe and enforce gym rules, they are not permitted on the equipment.


  • All parents must sign a WAIVER before their child is allowed to play in the gym.

  • All siblings of party guests, excepting non-walking infants in carriers and strollers, must remain in the lobby or be counted as a party guest and added to the cost of the party accordingly. Our staff is responsible for the safety of all children on the gym equipment and we must ensure we have an adequate ratio of staff to children. Please note that our lobby features a kids' table and wi-fi to help parents keep children entertained.

  • Review Party Rules so you know what to bring and how to prepare your child to participate in the fun. 

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