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Motion Education Girl


Motion Education is a program for kids and adults with special needs that partners with Dynamite gyms to create an environment where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can be successful.​ Utilizing Floortime and developmental strategies, Motion Education facilitators help students with physical, behavioral, cognitive, sensory processing, and emotional challenges to excel. 

Students are introduced to multiple types of equipment in the gym which helps to develop confidence, motor planning skills, social skills, positive behavior, strength and flexibility--all while having fun. 

Agility Boys Hanging

Social Support

Some students need help staying with a group and taking short breaks away from their class. Motion facilitators help children develop the skills necessary to eventually integrate into typical classes with their peers.

Motion Education Support

Emotional Regulation

Our facilitators use skills and movement challenges to teach children how to overcome fear, anger and impulsivity. We want to help our students embrace the feeling of success from their hard work. 

Motion Education Achievement

Developmental Achievement

We are happy to work with parents to help achieve developmental milestones in collaboration with other therapeutic support including OTs and PTs. Our lessons are flexible and can work towards any goals. 

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