Learn french in a whole new way

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Looking for an engaging way for your kid to learn french?

The Agility Center and Polyglot french lessons are teaming up for a hybrid immersion program to teach children french like they've never been taught before.

By using The Agility Center's interactive facility children are able to move and be taught athletics in french. 


A little about your instructor

Zina Khalid grew up in a tri-lingual, globe-trotting family. Her love of languages and passion for teaching them was nurtured in school where she simultaneously studied and tutored other students in both French and Spanish.  With 20 years experience both tutoring and teaching languages in language centers and private schools in Washington DC, Zina continues to indulge her enthusiasm for sharing the gift of language with her students.

Language is inherently expansive; it expands our minds, perspectives, interests and understanding, giving us the exciting opportunity to experience authentic engagement. It is a bridge that we cross to other people with their rich history, heritage and culture, thereby enriching us, exponentially.

Over the years I have developed and perfected my own student -oriented technique. Each student creates their own book that tells the story of their lives and reflects their specific interests, experiences and routines. Grammar is therefore, taught through self-expression and authentic context. Dialogue, is created through questions and answers based on their everyday lives and activities. Interaction and group activities provide the practice and movement is the thread that weaves everything together, beginning with stretching and learning the parts of the body to action verbs associated with the gym and other sports. By the end of the first course, students will be able to describe their lives, ask others question about theirs and follow instructions for movement.