Check out our awesome NINJA WARRIOR TRAINING facility!

The upper gym has four in-ground trampolines to practice tumbling and air awareness drills, a large foam pit, spring floor, rod floor, and a suspended Ninja Warrior course. The lower gym features warped walls, a tumbling floor, climbing apparatus including a junior-level rock climbing wall, and multiple stability Ninja Warrior courses to challenge students of all ages and levels. These courses are changed bi-weekly to push our athletes to their limits. 

To keep our athletes coming back for new challenges, our lower courses change weekly and upper level course changes bi-weekly!

(Upper Level) Suspended Obstacle Course 

(Upper Level) Overview

(Lower gym) Multiple Obstacle courses

(Upper level) Ninja Strength, Peg board  

(Lower Gym) Pre-School Obstacle course

Two in-ground trampolines for building air awareness and practicing Tumbling and Trampoline skills 

Two open ended trampolines for practicing landings, drills and higher level skills and endless fun. 

(Lower Gym partial overview) Obstacle courses including spider crawl and double-mini trampoline

(Lower Gym) Our 12-foot warped wall

(Lower Gym) Our 12-foot warped wall

(Lower Gym) Pre-school stability obstacle course